RG6 Standard Cable White 305M


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RG6 Standard Cable White 305m

Experience superior connectivity with our 305-meter RG6 Standard Cable in a sleek white finish. This isn’t just a cable. It’s a promise of uninterrupted, high-quality signal transmission.

Our cable is designed with 75 OHM RG6 Coaxial Cable technology, ensuring maximum signal strength and reliability. It features Polyethylene Foam Insulation to minimize signal loss and interference.

The heart of the cable is a solid CU-covered steel core, offering unmatched durability and longevity. The cable is encased in a sturdy PVC Jacket for added protection against environmental factors.

Our cable stands out with its gas-injected manufacturing process, guaranteeing top-notch performance. It’s also Non-gel-filled, making it easy to handle and install.

Choose our 305-meter RG6 Standard Cable for a seamless, high-performance solution to your connectivity needs.


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