RG6 Standard Cable White 152M


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RG6 Standard Cable White 152m

Introducing our RG6 Standard Cable in a classic white colour, spanning a standard length of 152 meters. This cable is not just a cable. It’s a lifeline for your high-quality signal needs.

Our cable features 75 OHM RG6 Coaxial Cable design, ensuring optimal signal transmission. It’s crafted with Polyethylene Foam Insulation to maintain signal integrity and reduce interference.

The core of the cable is made from solid CU-covered steel, offering durability and long-lasting performance. The outer layer is a robust PVC Jacket that protects the cable from environmental factors.

What sets our cable apart is the gas-injected technology used in its manufacturing, ensuring superior performance. Plus, it’s Non-gel-filled for easy handling and installation.

Choose our RG6 Standard Cable for a reliable, high-performance solution for your connectivity needs.

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